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Going Organic In Lawn Care As Well


A lot of people would consider using organic techniques in lawn care as being rather farfetched and would really question the need for such practices in reality.  It might seem to be a effect of the commercial interests that have got to dominate the area of gardening to insist on using organic methods to laying and more than that, in the maintenance of lawns.  But a closer look at the organic options available to those that what to make use of such practices would bring out the practical benefits that would accrue to the gardener going organic at most times.  

Less of Chemicals are Friendlier

The typical lawns are used for a lot of entertainment purposes like the weekend BBQ, or the children’s birthday bash and the likes.  It must be said of the lawn that is a convenient place to gather around no matter the season.  In the tropical climates, the lawn could be where most families gather during the weekends and on any similar occasions.  

organic lawn gardening northshore lawn works

Use of chemicals in the lawn comes as the typical chemical fertilizer used on most occasions.  The typical lawn does need a good amount of chemical fortifiers and this can be seen to be the most practical way of providing for the needs of a lawn too.  But with most chemicals used, there tends to be residues to the chemical compounds no matter how economical the application happens to be.  

With the typical chemical residue on the lawn, it is the children and the young ones that are the most affected.  Since in a number of cases the skins of these young children would not have attained the full thickness needed to act as a barrier to the chemical residues would mean that the young ones are affected in some adverse manner or other.  

The Quality Issues with the Soil

People that have had prior experience with maintaining lawns using the chemical agents would testify to the fact that practically nothing else can be grown in the area that a lawn was grown for some years afterwards.  This is because the indiscriminate use of chemical agents to help maintain the lawns would cause the deterioration of soil and long after the lawn has been discontinued, the soil still remains unsuitable for use in any manner.  

The organic practices do not cause such an occurrence and is a lot friendlier too as compared to the use of chemical agents.  That there is bound to be an increased efforts as well as costs associated with organic gardening practices, but they do preserve the quality of soil at all times.  It is the more sustainable form of cultivating spaces.  

The Long Term View to Gardening

When a long term view is being considered to keeping lawns, it is always the best to rely on organic methods to the laying and maintaining of such spaces.  The long term benefits will no doubt be paying when the cost incurred in returning the area in use to the previous state is considered.  

The Benefits of Having Gates for your Fence


Fence Gates are not only meant to keep unwanted characters out of your property; they also help keep your beloved pets and children safe within. While gates are often seen in large properties, they are also applicable to smaller residences. Gates and fences come in many colors and designs, keeping your home secure without being an eyesore.

Those who live in Brisbane would want to look into the various Brisbane gate systems available in the area. There's the typical wooden fence that's perfect for gardens or the farm setting, the impressive steel entry gates with intricate motifs, or the more modern design with cleaner outlines.

To find the best one for you, consult a Brisbane gates expert or a Brisbane entry system professional like Tree Lopping Victoria Point by visiting their website at tree lopping Brisbane North They can look at your property and give you the best option available. You can take a pick from a line of wooden fences and gates, privacy fences, picket fences, split and board rail wooden fences, aluminum fences, ornamental steel fences, chain link fences, automatic gate systems, etc.

Security and peace of mind

With the crime rates rising each year, home security is an important issue. The key to keeping your loved ones and your home secure is by keeping the bad elements out. A gating system can do just that. Having a fence would make it harder for robbers and other unsavory characters to penetrate your home.

Protect your investment

Keep your home's value from depreciating by making sure it stays in good condition. There have been some cases of property vandalism during the absence of the home owner because they did not have an efficient fencing system. This would mean having to resort to costly home repairs and paint jobs to cover up the graffiti. A gate is a one-time expenditure, and is pretty easy to maintain. It also keeps mischievous teenagers with spray paint out of your property.

Get some privacy

There are some high-walled wooden fences that afford you privacy as you are relaxing in your home garden. Some days, you just want to enjoy nature without having to be exposed to the intrusive eyes of your neighbors. Nothing beats lounging under the sun without having to feel too self-conscious that someone next door could see you.

This is especially handy for those who have swimming pools. If you do not fence your pool in, you will find that your private pool will cease to be private. Apart from not being able to float about the waters in peace, some people just might decide to use it while you are out of the house. The sad thing about this is that some strangers do not even have the tendency to be neat about it. You will end up coming home to a house with a messy pool.

Useful Tips for a Better Lawn


Don't get me wrong, maintaining a high quality lawn does take some effort, but with a few simple tips on mowing you can have a lawn that will make your neighbors envious.

First, never mow your lawn when it's wet. A wet lawn can allow grass clippings to clump together more easily. This clump of grass can smother the grass beneath it leaving a dead spot or create a spot where weeds can take root. Wait for a day or two after a rain storm and avoid mowing right after you've watered the lawn.

Tip number two is to never cut more than one third (1/3) of your lawns height at any one time. Most well maintained lawns are between 2 to 3 inches in height, so they should be mowed before they reach 4 to 4 1/2 inches in height. How frequently that occurs depends on your climate of course. The reasoning behind never cutting more than 1/3 of your lawns height at once is to avoid stressing the turf.

The third rule of mowing is to keep you lawn mower blades sharp. Most people use

a standard gas powered rotary mower that cuts grass like a machette. The sharper the blades, the more even the cut. A dull blade will tear the grass rather than cut it, and this can lead to brown tips at the end of the blade of grass. Lawn mower blade sharping is an easy maintenance task that can be done with a grinder (even a Dremmel will work), or you can have it done by a professional for approximately $20.

Forth, don't mow in the same direction every time. Many people develop a habit when mowing the lawn and they mow exactly the same way every time. This causes the grass to develop a "grain" just like a piece of wood because the grass growing off to the sides does not get cut as evenly as the grass growing upwards. It is best to mow at a right angle to the direction the grass was last cut. So, for example, if you mowed your lawn from east to west last time, try mowing from north to south this time.

Finally, don't bag your clippings. Grass clippings are an easy way to return nutrients to the soil and reduce the need for artificial fertilizers. If you mow your lawn before the grass gets too tall, you won't notice the clippings anyhow. That and the fact that it's less work to ignore the clippings makes this a winner of an idea!

So, now you have five easy tips that don't add any extra work to week and possibly decrease your work load if you've been bagging your clippings. These won't make your yard look as good as a golf course, but they will help ensure that your lawn stays green and lush without any extra maintenance on your part.

Patio Sun Shades


The  Summer is coming. Get under something – quick. Before it rains..... Actually, this year is apparently set to be  one of the best for ages. Finally, a series of sizzling summer months await all us drenched islanders. And about time, too – if the last three years were to set the standard for the  summer to come, we’d all be emigrating. And the credit crunch, unfortunately, has made that impossible. Best get the patio sun shades out and make the most of it then.
And what, we hear you cry, are patio sun shades?

Patio sun shades are a rather funky innovation from our brothers and sisters Down Under, who are of course used to a bit of sun. Unlike the flimsy  parasol, which doesn’t help when it rains and doesn’t really shade when it’s hot, patio sun shades are explicitly designed to block the harmful bits of the sun’s light (UV rays), offer genuine coolness underneath (unlike the tent like boiling one gets in the “shade” of a  parasol) and even look nice into the bargain.
That’s right – patio sun shades look nice. No longer will we have to suffer under the yoke of tacky garden furniture, and no more will our children be forced to listen to the broken-hearted flapping of yet another snapped spoke or loosened piece of canvas. Patio sun shades are sturdy and beautiful – and they don’t even have supports to break. Patio sun shades either connect directly to the sides of a house – like an awning made of highly-polished sail canvas – or they are fixed to an attractive, mast like pole quite different from the flimsy two-part parasol stalks that we are  used to.

Patio sun shades come in a variety of gorgeous colors, though standard white is easily the best – with the white shade sails, you get a very pleasing contrast between the greens and petals of the garden and the stark white of the shade. Because they’re stiff, and shaped, patio sun shades look like nothing so much as pieces of avant-garde art: like floating sculpture by Anthony Gormley or Henry Moore. And they repel over 85% of the sun’s harmful rays.
With a possibly actually quite hot summer on the horizon, and a nation of gardens crying out for some decent shade – not to mention decent-looking garden furniture – it looks like it might finally be the time to invest. Get those shrimps on the Barbie – and hoist the patio sun shades. It’s gonna be a scorcher.