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Best Steps To Follow To Create A Beautiful Landscape


Great gardening is as much about the heart of a garden as it’s planting. The equipment used for landscaping– from decking and decorative edging to aggregates and paving – will add structure, character, and texture, leading the eye through the garden. While the good time to redesign your garden space is in the winter season when plants are dormant, looking at it in summer season gives you a chance to exactly understand how you use the garden space. Or if you simply want to add new surfaces, you can do so now and can reap the rewards this summer. The task of creating beautiful landscape starts with filing the pots and other proper utensils suitable for plantation with soil, coffee filters or paper towels to hold up the moisture for a long period. If you want to plant a whole flower bed, then it is better to prefer crawlers or creepers and to plant them in small groups. This will allow the roots to share soil and to prevent the bed from drying out in the hot season. Plant variety of herbs by replacing small areas of grass or you can opt green veggies like lettuce or even some variety of berry shrubs that grow low.


Get rid of brown grass and mow the lawn regularly

To get rid of brown grass, you have to maintain at least one inch of grass from the ground. Do not think low grass will let you out from gardening for an extended period. In fact, it will increase the grass to turn browner. Change the blades frequently and get your lawn mower serviced at least once in a year.

Keep an eye on weeds

Keep a watch regularly on the weeds. The weeds consume more amount of moisture from the soil and eventually allow the plants to dry out. A weeder helps in removing the weeds efficiently without disturbing the roots of other plants. Watch the soil not only for weeds but also for mushrooms or diseased wood or plants, it can spread into your yard. Apart from weeds, you  must also keep an eye to termites that live on dead stumps or any type of woods within your landscape as it will likely to destroy your lawn.

Water the plants regularly

Always water the plants at the roots and sprinkle water on the leaves. The roots will sustain water for a long period of time and help in the growth of the plant. When you sprinkle a little amount of water on the plant, it will remove the dust from the leaves and gives a fresh look to the plant. Water the plant in the morning to save the plant from midday heat and also to balance moisture.

Use fertilizers

The fertilizer used might cause a yellowish change in the grass. The nitrogen in the fertilizer causes the grass to turn it’s colour into yellow when overdosed. Sprinkle water when you use fertilizer on the lawn so that the fertilizer gets diluted and soaks well in soil.

Add coir and compost

Include coir and compost to the soil in a good ratio. The coir helps in holding the moisture, while compost gives nutrition to the plant and enhance its growth. You can prepare your own compost at home or can buy it outside. This mixture goes well for more than three months and you have to change the soil when you feel it lost its fertility.